How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Looking for a guide on how to make money with affiliate marketing, here you go: 

Affiliate marketing is a very effective technique to generate great profit without any effort. It is an easy earning process, but it requires a lot of time and hard work in order to be successful with this kind of work. 

It is though very easy to earn big profits and easy money with affiliate marketing, and we have shared this discussion to make it easy to understand how to generate or make good money with successful affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Using a website or email or a blog, you recommend a product or service to your followers.

Your services are purchased by followers using your affiliate link.

The sale made gets you a commission from using your affiliate link.

Creating Money with Affiliate Marketing

To start with affiliate marketing, you need two things.

  • Create a website or blogĀ 
  • Choose affiliate products to be promoted

Create a Website or Blog

WordPress is the best way to create professional websites within minutes. If you’re really interested in generating quick money through affiliate marketing, you can make the use of WordPress advantageous for you, which is definitely your way to go. 

After building up your website, you’ll need to determine which products or services are there which you want to promote. Then you have to move to the next step.

Choose Affiliate Products to Promote

After the website, choosing the affiliate products or services to promote on it is very easy. Choose those services or products which are best suitable for your niche and relate them to your content. You can join an Affiliate network to select your affiliate products. 

Now we see how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

Generate Affiliate Revenue by Creating Content

The mistake that most of beginners make is that they publish or add random content and insert affiliate links within their data. That strategy is not helpful if you want to boost your work and revenue because you have to make sure that the content which you published reaches your target audience.

The target audience are the people who are looking to buy that certain service or product from you. They have not no idea what is the worth of that product, and most of them don’t know why they are buying it; they just do.

affiliate marketing

Promoting Affiliate Products in your Content

The last process is the promotion of your products. You have to make a choice and decision of topic which will help you understand what your target audience is looking for. Relate your content to their problems to find their solution.

Whenever you have proper research on the keywords that people are looking for, and you get the content ideas for your affiliate links, that is the point you can insert those links into your content to get more promotion and earning.

Turning Audience Into Affiliate Customers

Remember that you don’t have to pick up a fast pace in this matter as it requires some time and waits to gain a genuine audience. The beginners often make mistakes in assuming that they need to raise 10x their traffic to multiply the profit. This is not going to happen; you need trusted and official clients for your marketing.

There is a conversion optimization software called the OptinMonster, which can help you increase your revenue by converting your traffic into your affiliate customers. This makes it very easy to promote and increase your traffic.

Growing Affiliate Revenue from Mailing List

Email marketing is the best of the ways to earn a passive income. You can make use of your mailing list to share and grow your products and services and generate revenue easily from your affiliate links in your mail.


This was a short discussion on how to make money using Affiliate marketing. The details have been shared, and for more info, comment in the box given below.


According to the survey in 2016, 9% of the publishers generated a revenue of more than $50,000 in affiliate marketing.

How much money can you earn as an affiliate marketer?

According to the survey in 2016, 9% of the publishers generated a revenue of more than $50,000 in affiliate marketing.

How fast can you earn money with affiliate marketing?

It takes about 12 months to start seeing your success in affiliate marketing.