How To Make Money on Shutterstock (4 Simple Tips)

Looking for a guide on how to make money on Shutterstock? Here’s a complete guide for you.

Shutterstock is a great platform for the customers as well as for the sellers to buy and sell good photographs. It is a paid platform where photographers upload their photography. with certain limits and rules being followed that are then selected or chosen by the clients, and a good price is paid for that photo.

It requires an account to associate with, and then users have the option to purchase a monthly or a yearly subscription with Shutterstock. giving them a vast photo library including 750 of the images each month to download. It is also supported by on-demand packages. where users can decide to select their choice of images and pay specifically for them.

Making money on Shutterstock is easy when you know and everything about the platform where you can upload images to their stock photography house. This can be profitable over time for several people who love taking snaps at random moments to capture the best of the moment. The contributors on Shutterstock do have a share in each photo, and they share a percentage of each image by Shutterstock for licensing those photos. The percentage may range between 15% to 40% with 6 different levels, which can give quite good earning to the photographers.

When more number of photos or your content is downloaded or purchased from your image library by the clients, your progress with the levels will increase greatly, and your percentage for photos will likely increase too, resulting in giving you a good price share on each photo.

Make Money on Shutterstock

Tips To Make Money on Shutterstock

If you are attending for an easy way to make money on Shutterstock, then we have shared some simple tips below to get your benefit from.

Images Must Meet Shutterstock Standards

Only try to capture and upload those images which you think and question to yourself that “Can I see this image being used by anyone?” and also keep a location or point in your mind where that image can be used to make it easier to gain attention from clients.

Find Specified Area in Photography.

The most successful photos are those in which area is the main priority and gives high tones to the photo to capture the eyes of the client. If your photograph doesn’t have a good background, it’s more likely going to be ignored by clients.

You must consider each category specifically, like food photography or landscape shots, or even portraits but only those that meet the standards set by Shutterstock. The more clear and clean images are most likely to sell quickly and at a good price. This will make your clients come back for you again and again.

Learn and Understand More Tips and Tricks

The Shutterstock platform has a Blog that is amazing for the new users who are looking forward to earning some income by selling photographs. The blog helps you with the basics and skills development so that you can work your way out. This is a great source to learn new tricks, and you can get started from there to earn more money by following easy tricks and tips using Shutterstock.

Learn New Photography Techniques

Always try to shoot anything that seems different or new to you. This will gain your knowledge as well as experience and your skills about outdoor and indoor photography along with low lighting and daylight photoshoots. After gathering some ideas and skills, you can also learn to edit those photographs to be perfect with the moment. This catches the eyes of the clients when the photograph is polished and edited to be more shining than before.

Develop a unique editing style of yours to improve your skills and work according to the demand of the market. After uploading your work, you can monitor the activity on Shutterstock through the contributor profile to see the progress.


This was an easy guide for how to make money using Shutterstock. For complete details, contact the official source or leave a comment in the box below.


What sells best on Shutterstock?
The best-selling photographs on Shutterstock include Portrait Photography, Food Photography, Landscapes, and fine art photography.