How To Transfer Balance From Jazz to Jazz

Are you a jazz user but don’t know how to transfer balance from jazz to jazz? Here’s complete guide
for you.
There are over 6.2 billion Jazz subscribers in Pakistan and most of them are prepaid customers. Being
a prepaid customer you would have to recharge your account balance every 24 hours or maybe
enjoy bundles and packages every now and then.
Now, what happens when you run out of credit and have no possible solution at the moment? Jazz
offers its customers a chance to transfer the balance from one SIM to another in an easy way.

Ways to transfer balance from Jazz to Jazz:

Jazz has made the money transferring process very simple for their customers. If you have a prepaid
Jazz SIM you can easily transfer or accept credit from another Jazz user. The process is very simple
although it does have a few terms and conditions. Let’s take a look at how to transfer money from
Jazz to Jazz.

Transfer Balance From Jazz to  Jazz


Make sure you are a Jazz user yourself. 

Open your Keypad to dial. 

First of all dial *100*(now add your recipient’s phone number)*(enter the exact amount you want to send and for them to receive)# 

Make sure you place all this information in a single line and close the sentence with a #. 

Once done hit the enter key. 

A box will appear where you’ll have to enter the number 1. 

For every transaction, an amount of 4.77 PKR will be deducted from your Jazz credit in your mobile account. 

Wait for the confirmation message to appear. 

Terms and Conditions:

You must possess a prepaid SIM. 

Keep check of your mobile balance before commencing this operation. 

Jazz network does not take responsibility for false transactions, 

The minimum amount of money you can send is Rs.15. 

The maximum amount of money the recipient can receive is Rs. 500 and no more than that. 

You can never reverse a transaction. 

What are prepaid and postpaid customers?

Jazz subscribers are of two kinds; either prepaid or postpaid. There’s a slight difference between the two. Being a prepaid customer, you’d have to recharge as soon as you run out of credit to enjoy multiple network services. The chances of finding possible retail stores at every time and place are very few. 

Being a postpaid customer your bill is due by the end of the month. The whole month you can enjoy Jazz mobile services as much and as many as you want, given the fact that you pay at the end of the month.


Before such technology, sharing credit used to be very difficult. If you were stuck in a situation with no credit and urgent need then you would be hopeless to try anything other than wait. Luckily now, Jazz has made it easier for its customers to send and receive balance just by dialling a simple code.  That’s all about how to transfer balance from jazz to jazz.


1- Are there any rewards or free bundles for sending balance through Jazz? 

No, there are none. If you receive any calls promising reward or bundles from jazz, kindly ignore them. 

2- What is the income tax rate for sending load? 

The income tax rate for sending load is about 12.9% 

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